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The wife and I both have the flu. It started about four days ago when my wife, who is a nurse, had two flu patients in one day. She started feeling like crap and two days into this she decided to go to the hospital. Emma was required to go in order to be excused from work.

Emma’s Visit To The Hospital

Emma and I sat at the emergency department for four hours before she was taken to a room to be evaluated. We thought that she just had the crud and that we were kind of over reacting, but we were wrong. The emergency department team did a flu swab and it was positive. By the time we got her medicine and headed home we had spent over six hours at the hospital. Luckily, they gave her the next four days off of work to recover.

I took the next day off to help Emma out and because I was starting to feel bad myself. I woke up the next day and felt like I was heading in the same direction she was in. She had another terrible night of sleep and woke up several times with a fever. I had to to go the doctor in order to be excused from work because there was no way I could work in my condition.

My Visit To The Hospital

My hospital visit was much faster than Emma’s. The technician administered the flu swab about 10 minutes after I arrived. The doctor informed me that it was positive about tw hours after. I got my medicine and doctor’s note and headed home.

We both got our flu shots this year. Our work requires us to get the flu shot every year. The doctors said that getting the flu shot would help us get over the flu faster, but that this years flu shot wasn’t as effective as most years. They also said that the flu hasn’t affected people as badly as in recent years.

The past few days have been pretty terrible. Emma and I have sat around the house being sick together and not being able to do anything. We aren’t great home bodies and we love going out and doing things so this has been a very boring time for us. We have watched more TV than I thought possible and we have cooked together. That’s about it.

Emma is feeling a little better today and I hope that I will be in a few days. I guess overall we are very lucky to have such easy access to medical care and that we weren’t’ sick with something more serious. I don’t take that for granted, I just wish we felt better!

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Sophie February 27, 2019
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Access to good medical care is definitely a blessing! Hope the two of you are feeling better soon. A few people I'm close to have it right now and I'm hoping I don't catch it x    Sophie