Five Positive News You Need to Hear Today

Positive News

News sources cover negative stories by the minute, but you deserve to know that positive things are happening in the world too! Listed below you will find the five positive news stories you need to hear today. We all need a little more positive news in our lives! Click on the headers of each one to find the source.

1.Teen In and Out of Homelessness Accepted to 17 Colleges

Thanks to some application fee waivers and a lot of courage, 17 year old Dylan Chidick is going to college! The teen has been in and out of homelessness but uses his mother’s drive and determination as an example of how to overcome obstacles.

Thanks to the non-profit Women Rising, Dylan’s family is currently in permanent supportive housing. Dylan has yet to hear back from his number one choice, the College of New Jersey, but no matter the admissions results, he will be the first in his family to attend college.

2. 14-Year-Old Student Saves Bus Driver and Students During Emergency

Matt Stauffer, a high school freshman, took charge of a scary situation that could have ended very poorly. Matt Stauffer boarded his school bus like any other day and noticed some of the other kids looked panicked. When Matt looked back at the bus driver, he noticed he was leaning over and almost falling out of his seat.

The driver was suffering a medical emergency and his foot was stuck on the gas. Matt quickly took charge of the situation and directed the evacuation of the students and the 911 call that.

The driver is back home resting and all of the students are okay!

3. Trashtag

Trashtag is a viral challenge that is anyone can take part in. Simply find an area that is littered, take a picture of it, and then do something about it. Post the final product online and tag your friends you are challenging.

When Byron Roman started this challenge he had no idea that it would become so viral. Now there are thousands of people out cleaning areas and the images are inspiring.

Here is the original post:

Here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then…

Posted by Byron Román on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Here are some of the people participating in the challenge:

4. 6-Year-Old Blind Piano Prodigy Goes Viral

In the video below, a 6-year-old blind kid can be seen playing the piano with some serious passion. Avett Ray Maness has been playing the piano since he could pull himself up to it, and he isn’t letting his blindness stop him from pursuing his very young-found passion.

This isn’t his only video. Avett Ray has several videos on YouTube. Another interesting fact, Avett is always changing his musical preference and can be seen in one of his videos rapping. This kid is super cute!

5. Florida Dog Found With Mouth Taped Shut & Bleeding Gets Deputized

When a Flordia Sheriffs Office found a injured canine with it’s mouth taped shut, they took action. The dog was nursed back to health and have since given him a job. The newly named “Chance” is getting a second chance. Chance is now a deputized canine and working for the force that rescued him. According to FOX13 Tampa, Chance will be the Pets on Patrol Spokes-Dog and will have his own office near the sheriff who rescued him.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office has received an incredible number of inquiries asking about the condition of and the…

Posted by Lee County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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