Book Review – Fail Until You Don’t: Fight Grind Repeat by Bobby Bones


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Who is Bobby Bones?

This is Bobby’s second book.  His first book, Bare Bones, was a New York Times Bestseller.  Bare Bones is a memoir and details his upbringing and how he was chased and ultimately achieved success.  Bobby Bones is most known for his nationally syndicated country music morning talk show, The Bobby Bones Show.  He is also a comedian, author, singer, dancing with the stars winner, and mentor on American Idol.  Bobby has a long list of accolades, but one that stands out the most is that he is the youngest ever member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. 

Bobby’s upbringing was very difficult and he was definitely given a poor chance to succeed in life.  Looking at Bobby now, you would never know that he was at such a disadvantage early in life.  His mother was a drug addict who left him for long periods of time in the care of his grandmother.  His father left when he was small and he didn’t have any contact with him until he was in his mid-30s.  What Bobby did to get out of this poor situation was something that we can all do.

How Did He Succeed?

Bobby adopted the mindset that he just had to try harder and longer than most people and he would succeed.  He adopted the mantra Fight Grind Repeat.  It’s a simple three word motto of sorts that he tells himself every single day.  He states in his book that the words themselves aren’t important, but that it’s the meaning behind them that means something.  He uses the words to remember what he wants to do and that he has to work hard to get there.

The title Fail until You Don’t is almost self-explanatory.  He explains in his book that the cycle that leads to success is to try hard, fail, learn from your mistakes, and fail again.  Do this until the cycle finally gets you to success.  You keep failing until you finally succeed.  It may seem simple, but getting back up and attacking something again and again after failure is difficult.


In this book Bobby Bones helps readers identify what their fight is. He explains the fight as the goal that you want to achieve no matter what. It is the goal that no matter how many times you fail at it, you still want. Identifying your fight is the first step in achieving your goal. Bobby further explains that you need to make sure your goal is attainable. If you’re a 55 year old overweight person, you will never qualify for olympic sprinting. That’s just simple logic. Make sure your fight is worthwhile.


Bobby explains the grind as the dirty work. It’s the waking up early every morning in order to attack whatever lies ahead. The grind is setting reminders for yourself so that you always know your goal and are working towards it. The grind is the hard part. He expresses that while grinding you must know that success is attainable and you need to keep working to get to it.


Repeating the process is something that takes real passion for what you’re doing. You need to really care about your goal to get back up and dust yourself off over and over again. The book explains that you can’t get up and keep trying the exact same thing again and again. You must make some change or tweak to the process. Whether it be the who, the what, the when, or the how, a change has to be made or repeating the process would be pointless.

Examples of Failures

Bobby gives several examples of successful people failing before succeeding.  Some of the most notable individuals he named are Walt Disney, Elvis, Stephen King, Steve Jobs, and Walker Hayes.  All of these people decided that they wanted to do something and they all failed at that.  Stephen King’s book Carrie was denied by 30 publishers before it was finally published.  Now there is hardly a person in the world that hasn’t heard of Stephen King.  Walker Hayes is now well on his way to being a successful country music artist, but only because he refused to stop trying.  When he was dropped from his record label he took the night shift at Costco.  He worked on his music during the day and after several failures, he has finally managed to be well on his way to success.

My Biggest Takeaway

The thing that I will hold onto the most from this book is to have a motto and say it to yourself every day.  I will say it to myself every time I fail at something, before I ever get out of bed in the morning, and any time I feel things are getting difficult.  For now I will use Fight Grind Repeat as my words.  I may eventually adopt or create another set of words, but this works fine for me now.

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