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Disclaimer: This post is written in exchange for a free Separatec Men’s 7 Pack Cotton Stretch Separate Pouch Colorful Boxer Briefs.

What is Separatec Men’s Underwear

Separatec Dual Pouch Underwear is a top of the line boxer brief style underwear for men that places an emphasis on comfort. Separatec has two pouches, this is what their product page says about the pouches:

Innovative Separate Pouches: Front pouch sustains a fresh environment and lower pouch provides support and airflow. An exclusive hole to the separate pouches underwear reduces stickiness and functional fly for easy go when nature calls.

Why Separatec Is a Gift to Men

A lot of people, mostly women, don’t understand how sweaty and sticky a man’s privates can get. One of the most uncomfortable situations a man finds himself in is to be in public and have his privates sticking to his leg or other parts of his privates. My wife found herself confused about the claim that these underwear reduce stickiness and the “swamp” feeling down there. She had no idea that this was even a problem for me.

The way the underwear are designed, the lower part of a man’s privates sit onto a pouch, and the top part goes into a hole and into it’s own pouch. The top pouch provides an extremely easy and functional fly for easy restroom breaks.

My Experience Before Separatec

One of my least favorite part of compression short is that they are too tight. My privates would hurt if I wore them for even an hour. My boxers proved too loose and anytime I performed any physical act my privates would hurt as well. Too loose and too tight are both terrible things for men.

I’ve tried two other types of underwear claiming to offer the same comfort and functionality as Separatec, but none of them have lived up to my expectations. The first pair had only one pouch and therefore did not prevent the stickiness or “swamp” like feeling in the private region. The second pair was too tight in the crotch. The leg holes were perfectly sized, but they squeezed my private’s way too much.

Finding Separatec

For Christmas 2018, my wife gifted me a pack of 2 Separatec Underwear. I fell in love immediately. I can wear these underwear all day. Separatec Underwear are comfortable while working out and while sleeping. I do recommend switching pairs between these two events though.

My wife and I decided that we would wait a few weeks and see how the underwear held up. I tested my two pairs through workouts, many nights of sleep, and though the laundry. The underwear show absolutely no sign of breaking down or becoming any less comfortable or effective.

After having these two pairs for two months, I decided that I would buy the pack of 7 and throw out my old underwear. I am so happy that I did. I have all matching underwear and they are amazing. These underwear are a game changer.


Separatec Men's Underwear
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