Cherry Blossom Festival


Yesterday my wife and I attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. I have lived in the DC Metro area for almost four years now and I had never made it to this event. With the weather being the nicest it has been all year, the day was setup to succeed from the beginning.

What is the Cherry Blossom Festival?

The Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual event in Washington, D.C. in which we celebrate the blooming of 3000 Cherry Blossom Trees gifted by the Tokyo mayor in 1912. The festival runs from March 20th until April 14th. The festival includes a parade, opening ceremony, a kite festival, live music, and much more. Almost everything in DC has a pink theme to honor the beautiful trees during this festival.

This year peak bloom is Monday, 1 April. Since the weather was going to be so great the Saturday before, where we could still experience the blooming of the trees, we decided to visit then instead of on Monday.

Our First Cherry Blossom Experience

My wife and I parked at a small park parking lot right across the street from the Pentagon North Parking Lot and walked over the 14th Street bridge to get into DC. The walk was very nice except for the cyclist passing by. They were out in droves!

Emma and I decided to walk around the Tidal Basin and experience everything the festival had to offer. The Tidal Basin has the highest concentration of the beautiful trees. Walking around the Tidal Basin was extremely slow due to the amount of foot traffic. There were thousands of people there! It truly was amazing seeing all the people come from all around the world to experience such a beautiful site!

The event featured with music, park volunteers, teachings about the park and the trees, and much more. We snapped the pictures below while we walked around.

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